They say, Use an opt-in to build your list...

...they just don't tell you how. Problem Solved...


6-Step Guide

Learn how to identify your purpose, what questions to ask, type of content to create, and how to get the right eyes to find it.

Campaign Worksheet


A comprehensive worksheet to keep track of everything that goes into your project.

Resources via Email


We'll supplement the sections in this guide with ideas, examples, and resources to help your campaign be more effective.

What You Get:

Read any inbound marketing book, article, blog, course, and they'll all tell you that you need a "hook" to capture leads and grow your email list.
A checklist, whitepaper, tip sheet, whatever it is, give them something for free in exchange for their email address.
Where the advice falls short is explaining the process to create one of these in a way that will benefit your business beyond growing your email list with people only interested in a freebie download.
So, inside these pages, you will find everything you need to know on how to create one of these bad boys for yourself!
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Ready to start?

Kind of obvious what to do next, given what this whole thing is about, huh?

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